Oil & Gas GIS Benchmark

We've ranked more than 50 E&P operators worldwide in terms of their geospatial maturity. Find out how you compare!

1. Fill out the survey.
2. See your results immediately.
3. Compare your organisation against the industry average.

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. At the end you can see your results and get a free PDF report. Rest assured, your responses remain confidential and we won't share then with anyone. To protect the confidentiality of all benchmark respondents the scores are anonymised.

Before taking the survey

1. Please note, for convenience we use the terms GIS and Geospatial interchangeably. For the sake of this questionnaire they mean largely the same thing (basically, Geomatics excluding Surveying).

2. For best results please provide responses that reflect your entire organisation, not just selected parts. For large organisations this may also be a single asset, division or business unit (see point 3); if so, ensure that your responses remain consistent throughout.

3. This questionnaire calibrates responses depending on the size and type of your organisation. Please specify: